Interactive Cities in Alba Iulia

Together with Eutropian we coordinated the Interactive Cities meeting in Alba Iulia together with 10 partner cities from across Europe.

Podcast on Markets!

Eutropian joined the Radio Impegno (the community radio in Rome against the Mafia) issue on Markets in Rome with a podcast containing many of the interviews we did around Europe over the last years.


Presentation on the TUTUR project within the Smarticipate H2020 Kick-off workshop in Bruxelles

Young Market Lab in Bari

Presentation of the New Life to Markets projects in Bari within the YoungMarketLab Workshop.

Nuova vita ai mercati / New life for markets film released!

In October and November 2015, we organized workshops at the markets of Pigneto and Metronio to bring together protagonists of the marketplace revival. Emanuela Liverani and Federico Greco made a film of these events, looking at both the architectural and social dimensions of these markets. Watch the film here.

Presentation Partnership for urban development – Future of the EU Urban Agenda

On 14th December, Levente Polyak and I participated at a a hearing on the topic of the upcoming Urban Agenda, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee.

Lead Expert in the Interactive Cities URBACT Network

The Eutropian team is supporting the Interactive Cities network which was funded under the URBACT program!